Bench Headstones

Philipsburg Marble and Granite specializes in crafting and installing a variety of granite bench headstones, otherwise known as grave marker benches, gravestone benches, bench tombstones, or cemetery bench monuments. Custom bench memorials offer numerous benefits and features that make them a popular choice for commemorating loved ones. One of the main advantages of granite bench tombstone markers is that they provide a dignified alternative to traditional headstones in cemeteries. Custom bench memorials provide not only a visually striking and durable tribute to loved ones but also a meaningful and lasting link to their memory. 

In addition to cemeteries, bench memorials can also be used to enhance private gardens, public parks, or church landscapes. With a wide range of styles and hues available, these bench gravesite markers serve as beautiful and poignant emblems of remembrance. They offer a physical space for reflection, comfort, and the preservation of precious memories.

Furthermore, custom bench memorials are instrumental in maintaining family heritage. These headstone benches enable future generations to visit the site, discover their lineage, and forge a connection with their heritage. By having a designated space that represents their ancestors, families can pass down stories, traditions, and values to ensure their legacy lives on.

Custom Memorial Styles

Flush Flush Cemetery Headstones
Jet Black Jet Black Grave Monuments
Bench Bench Headstones
Slant Slant Memorials
A marble grave marker restoration completed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Grave Marker Restoration
An upright tombstone designed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Upright Tombstones