Slant Memorials

Philipsburg Marble and Granite is known for its custom slant memorials, also known as slanted gravestones, slant markers, and cemetery slants. The slant monument is characterized by its slanting front or sloping back, which is mounted on a sturdy granite or cement foundation. Slant gravestones can be placed in a variety of settings, including cemeteries, memorial parks, or private estates, and their compact size makes them a fitting choice for both individual and family memorials.

Slant headstones are popular due to their eye-catching designs and contemporary aesthetic. Unlike the traditional upright monuments, slanted headstones present a visually striking angle, offering a unique and modern appearance. The slanted surface provides an excellent canvas for custom engravings, detailed artwork, or even the addition of a photograph, allowing for a highly personalized granite memorial that captures the essence of the departed. 

Slant grave markers also offer practical benefits. Their durability and stability are notable advantages, with the slanted design enabling rainwater to effortlessly run off, reducing the risk of water damage. Moreover, their angled positioning offers enhanced resistance to wind and weather, ensuring the granite headstone remains a lasting tribute. Furthermore, the horizontal orientation of slant markers simplifies maintenance, making them a convenient option for those tending to the site.

Custom Memorial Styles

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Slant Slant Memorials
A marble grave marker restoration completed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Grave Marker Restoration
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