Upright Tombstones

Upright tombstones offer a timeless and elegant way to commemorate a loved one, making them a popular choice for memorial headstones. These grave monuments serve as a lasting tribute, allowing family members and friends to pay their respects for generations to come.

Often referred to as upright grave headstones or headstone markers, these vertical designs are typically crafted from durable materials like granite or marble. These engraved headstones often feature the deceased's name, birth and death dates, and may include a brief epitaph or symbol that represents their life or beliefs.

When selecting an upright tombstone, there are various designs and material options available, allowing you to personalize a truly unique headstone. With your budget in mind, the staff at Philipsburg Marble and Granite will help you review the options and select the best upright headstone that fits your personal preferences and rightly honors your loved one.

Custom Memorial Styles

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Bench Bench Headstones
Slant Slant Memorials
A marble grave marker restoration completed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Grave Marker Restoration
An upright tombstone designed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Upright Tombstones