Flush Cemetery Headstones

Philipsburg Marble and Granite specializes in crafting and installing flush cemetery headstones. Flush grave markers, also known as flat grave markers or flat headstones, are a popular choice for those seeking a subtle and cost-effective option for cemetery grave markers. One of the key features of flush grave markers is that they are installed flush with the ground or slightly above, adhering to cemetery regulations. This ensures that the markers are seamlessly integrated into the landscape, creating a clean and polished look. The markers are available in granite and bronze - both of which are known for their longevity and ability to withstand outdoor elements.

The selection of flush grave markers offered by Philipsburg Marble and Granite includes a variety of enduring colors, allowing you to create a personalized and permanent memorial for your loved ones. This customization ensures the marker is a unique reflection of the person it memorializes. For those looking for a distinctive touch, customization options like flat headstones with pictures are available. As a result, flush grave markers are a great option for those seeking grave markers for cremated remains or those who desire a more personalized and visually striking marker.

Flush marker headstones typically feature vital details of the deceased, such as their name, and the dates of their birth and passing. These markers are favored in burial grounds with strict cemetery headstone regulations or by individuals who prefer a more modest gravesite marker. The flush design allows for easy maintenance and mowing of the surrounding area without hindrance.

Custom Memorial Styles

Flush Flush Cemetery Headstones
Jet Black Jet Black Grave Monuments
Bench Bench Headstones
Slant Slant Memorials
A marble grave marker restoration completed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Grave Marker Restoration
An upright tombstone designed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Upright Tombstones