Grave Marker Restoration

Grave marker restoration, an essential service provided by Philipsburg Marble and Granite, encompasses cleaning and repairing granite headstone and marble headstone surfaces, as well as addressing issues with foundations and footings. Over time, these gravestones can become dirty and discolored, suffering from exposure to weather elements and organic pollutants. The skilled professionals at Philipsburg Marble and Granite use their specialized expertise in headstone cleaning and gravestone restoration to effectively return these monuments to their original condition.

A significant benefit of headstone restoration is the aesthetic improvement it provides. Clean and well-maintained headstones honor the deceased and offer a respectful environment for visitors. Grave marker restoration also ensures the structural stability of the headstones, which can be compromised over time due to shifting soil, water damage, or natural wear and tear. Our restoration experts employ specialized equipment and techniques to carefully repair the headstones and footings, ensuring they are securely positioned.

By investing in tombstone restoration, gravesite caretakers can create a lasting tribute to the lives of those lost and maintain a respectful and dignified final resting place. 

Custom Memorial Styles

Flush Flush Cemetery Headstones
Jet Black Jet Black Grave Monuments
Bench Bench Headstones
Slant Slant Memorials
A marble grave marker restoration completed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Grave Marker Restoration
An upright tombstone designed by Phillipsburg Marble and Granite, Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania Upright Tombstones